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Become a Volunteer

Parent volunteers are the backbone of our youth soccer teams in the West Des Moines Soccer Club. WDMSC is a non-profit organization which is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and supported by other numerous dedicated volunteers from across the community. Volunteering is a terrific way to get involved in soccer, while at the same time supporting your soccer club and ingraining you in the West Des Moines community.

WDMSC Club Administration, Board of Directors and Professional Coaching Staff would like to take this opportunity to kindly please consider volunteering and absolute necessity to our youth soccer programs.

Team Volunteers
At the start of every soccer season we need to fill the team volunteer roles for our West Des Moines Soccer Club teams. WDMSC values our volunteer coaches and the time that they commit to helping our young players learn and love the game of soccer. We could not have such a fantastic program without our volunteers and we want to make the coaching experience as beneficial as possible. Team roles that are needed include head coach, assistant coach and team coordinator. Review the volunteer responsibilities and coaching responsibilities that are an integral part of becoming a successful team volunteer.

ISL Volunteer Disclosure Form is required along with US Club Soccer Adult background check must be completed each year by every volunteer working directly with youth players.

Tournament Volunteers
Volunteers are an integral part of tournament success and WDMSC puts on several tournaments and festivals throughout the year that require volunteer support. Our tournaments are in need of volunteers to help keep the activities and events running smoothly. If you’d like to be contacted by WDMSC administration when volunteer opportunities arise, please sign up for these volunteer opportunities.

WDMSC Premier Games
The WDMSC Premier Games is the annual spring soccer tournament sponsored by the Club. WDMSC relies exclusively on volunteer support to run and mange this event, and proceeds go to our Scholarship Funds and our Field Improvement Funds. No prior experience or knowledge of the game is required. No training is required.

Volunteers must be available to work throughout the weekend as needed. Volunteers sign up to work a 2-hour shift, and may request or be assigned to a variety of stations, including: traffic , field marshal, Skill Station coordinators, concessions, as well as set-up and take-down.

If you wish volunteer, visit the WDMSC Premier Games for available volunteer spots and times. Assignment for specific slots will be done on a first come, first serve basis. Volunteering at the WDMSC Premier Games is a ton of fun, and a great way to support the Club in kicking off the season.

WDMSC Board and Committee Volunteers
WDMSC is a registered non-profit youth sports organization, largely managed and run by volunteers like you. Our Board of Directors and Committee members are all parents in the Club, with children playing in our Recreational, Developmental, and/or Competitive soccer programs.

WDMSC is always interested in talking to parents willing to commit to the spirit of improvement that our club strives for. Regardless of which program your child participates in, we are interested in parents who will consider the needs of each individual, but also dedicate themselves to the management and improvement of our club as a whole. Whether on a committee or on the Board, we generally ask for a 2-3 year commitment, with the knowledge that time requirements vary for each role within the club.

Coaching Responsibilites

If you want to get a start in coaching, the best place to start would be a youth team for a number of reasons. We rely on volunteers to coach youth development and recreational teams, but encourage our parents to take classes to earn higher coaching certificates and licenses. We’ve listed a few:

  • Signup to receive valuable information from Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Development Zone Resource Center
  • Attend Members/Volunteers Preseason Meeting
  • Attend Coaches Educational Training Clinic
  • Signup for USSA Coaching Certification

The United States Soccer Association has created new introductory courses will provide a supportive approach to teaching and coaching players at 4v4, 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11. Whether you are the unfamiliar parent volunteer, the transitioning player or a veteran coach, these courses will provide your with more knowledge and a better understanding of how to effectively develop your players.

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Head Coach
    • Teach your players respect for teammates, opposition, coaches, officials and parents
    • Adhere to Iowa Soccer Association policies, rules, and objectives
    • Responsible for maintaining care of all WDMSC facilities and equipment
    • Finalize practice schedules and locations for training sessions
    • Discuss parent and player responsibilities at practices and games
    • Parent responsibilities and behavior at training sessions and games
    • Plan practices drills and ensuring your players improve
    • Develop strategies and plays to serve your players in game situations
    • Incorporate drills that allow your players to hone their skills to become more proficient on the field
    • Instruct your players various small-sided games that you’ll employ in the game-like situations
    • Monitor players during conditioning and practice drills
    • Ensure that your players understand the rules based on their age group and are adhering to those rules
    • Responsible for ensuring that your team is present for each game and tournament
    • Ensure equal playing time for all players, regardless the score
    • Discuss the procedure with Team Coordinator for canceling training sessions and games
    • Discuss your philosophy of coaching…it’s about player development, not winning and losing!
    • Ensure that the players have an enjoyable and safe sporting experience
    • Delegate responsibilities as needed to Assistant Coach and Team Coordinator
    • Provide feedback to Board Members and Club Administration on how to better improve supporting team volunteer roles
  • Assistant Coach
    • Help plan weekly soccer practice schedules and location
    • Aid the head coach with developing strategies and drills
    • Monitor players during practice sessions to identify strengths and weaknesses
    • Assist head coach during practice sessions to give proper instructions
    • Help head coach to set up equipment and organize small-sided games
    • Coordinate and manage all communication with Team Coordinator as directed
    • Participate in special events in additions for usual games and practices as required
    • Other duties, as needed
  • Team Coordinator
    • Coordination of snacks & refreshments for games
    • Communicate any negative parent behavior during games to coaching staff
    • Communication of team schedule (practices, games & other special events) as requested by coach
    • Ensure player cards are present for games
    • Coordination of end-of-season celebration
    • Other duties, as necessary.