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Ultimate Trainer is a winter program for the dedicated, driven WDMSC player who desires to develop the mentality it takes within training to be the best. Ultimate Trainers have the elite mentality to train insane, or remain the same. Winter cold won’t impede this mentality–taking three months off is not an option for a true Ultimate Trainer.

The Ultimate Trainer embodies three characteristics: desire, dedication, and determination. The DESIRE to dominate their sport and become the best they can be, the DEDICATION of committing to excellence through the hard work of daily high-intensity training, and the DETERMINATION to stop at nothing until their goals are accomplished.
Elite Technical Training. Training sessions will be styled around high-intensity repetitions of individual technical skills on the ball. Focus will be on improving technical areas such as first touch, 1v1s, passing, and finishing. These elite training sessions will help you become the Ultimate Trainer by enhancing your ball mastery skills, and leading you to develop a champion mentality while you train.

The more touches you get on the ball, the more comfortable you become. The more comfortable you become, the more confident you are on the ball. Ultimate Trainers exude confidence.

Session 1: Saturdays Jan 13th – Feb 3rd
Session 2: Saturdays Feb 10th – Mar 3rd

Select Ultimate Trainer (U13/U14) 8am-9am
Pre-Academy Ultimate Trainer (U7/U8) 9am-10am
Academy Ultimate Trainer (U9/U10) 10am-11am
Select Ultimate Trainer (U11/U12) 11am-12pm

$85 (includes tee shirt)