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Referee Certification
The world’s most popular sport, soccer continues to grow in popularity. And with players becoming involved at such a young age, the need for good soccer referees has never been stronger. While some previous playing, coaching or officiating experience is always helpful, no experience is required to become a soccer referee.

Being a referee is both challenging and rewarding. Many become referees because of their love of the game, the chance to be positive role models, to develop leadership skills, to make life-long friends, or to have a part-time job (Referees are Independent Contractors). Refereeing is a commitment to the game, to other officials, and to yourself. Consider becoming a referee. As the number of leagues, tournaments, and games continues to grow, there are always opportunities.

How do I become a referee?
If you are at least 12 years old you are eligible to take the entry-level class, which is a 12-hour weekend class typically on Friday and Saturday evenings. To register for a class go to the Iowa Referee Committee Website Calendar and find a class in a location that is convenient for you. WDMSC hosts a class before each season, and once it is scheduled the information is sent out to the entire membership.

What is the cost?
The current cost for the entry-level referee class is $50. In addition to that, you will need at least one official USSF referee jersey, a watch and a whistle. A pair of black shorts, black referee socks and black cleats or turf shoes will up your image quite a bit. If you referee at least 15 WDMSC games in your first two seasons as a referee, the Club will reimburse you for the cost of the class.

How does the Club help?
Each season the Club holds an on-field training session for new referees. When it comes time for that first game, you will be assigned to a U7 or U8 match. The Club tries very hard to coordinate with all new referees so that our Director of Referees or our Referee Assignor can be at their first game.

What does refereeing do for me?
There are four ways to participate in a soccer match:


Different persons involved in a match in each of these roles see the game from completely different perspectives, and each is able to add — or detract – from the quality of a match in a unique way. Learning the science, and the art, and of officiating a soccer match will add greatly to one’s understanding and appreciation of The Beautiful Game.

How are referees compensated?
Referees will be paid through Arbiter Pay according to the following pay scale:

U7/U8: $20/game
U9/U10 Rec: $20/game
U9/U10 Academy: $20/game
U11/U12: $30/Center and $25/AR
U13/U14: $35/Center and $25/AR
U15/U16: $40/Center and $30/AR
U17/U18/U19: $50Center and $35/AR