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Registration for Fall 2018 is now open!! We are using a new system so please read the following carefully.

In order to be placed on a team, all players will be required to provide insurance information, upload a copy of their birth certificate and a picture. Either have this information available at the time you register or you will be required to log back in at a later date and provide it. If you are unable to complete this please email me and I can help you out.

Fall 2018 9U/10U Academy Program

9U/10U Academy Program – The WDMSC 9U/10U Academy Program is phase three of our player pathway and a critical stage in our player development model. For players who wish to further develop their skills and receive professional training, the WDMSC Academy Program offers just that. This provides players with the opportunity to play with and against other players with similar ability and commitment and at a level where they will experience the most success and enjoyment.

Fall 2018 4U-19U Recreational soccer Program

4U-19U Recreational Program – The focus remains strongly on fun, sportsmanship, and the basic fundamentals of the game. Children begin to learn more technical skill development and parent coaches have the opportunity to enjoy coaching for the entire season. The club supports parent coaches with player and coaching clinics, curriculum, and written resources. Games are referred by a certified youth referee and remain very relaxed and positive. All children play equal time.

4U Mini Kickers –5 weekly sessions for 3-year-olds run by the WDMSC Director of Recreational Coaching! By introducing your child to the game at a young age, they will have a head start in developing both soccer skills and team building!

5U/6U Cubs – Cubs play 3v3 with no goalkeeper. Players play in a basic league schedule, but no league standings or results are recorded. All players are encouraged to move freely and try all field positions; reflecting developmental principles. Players are also encouraged to continue participating in a variety of additional activities to help enhance the full range of basic movement skills and physical literacy. All children receive equal playing time. There are no weekly practices, plenty of do-over’s and no one keeps score in order to keep the focus on learning and having fun. The 3-on-3 format and much smaller field ensure that every player touches the ball often during the game.

7U/8U Pre-Academy – The WDMSC U7-U8 recreational program is phase two of our Player Pathway and a critical stage in our Player Development Model. These children will experience weekly practice sessions run by our Professional Coaching Staff for the first time and move to a slightly larger field. The focus remains strongly on fun, sportsmanship and the basic fundamentals of the game as Players begin to learn more technical skill development.