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Mission Statement

West Des Moines Soccer Club is a non-profit organization formed to promote, foster, and advance the cause of soccer for youth and adults alike. It shall be the mission of West Des Moines Soccer Club to educate, provide administrative service, promote and stimulate interest in the game of soccer. Offering quality soccer programs for youth since 1986.

Vision Statement

West Des Moines Soccer Club is committed to the pursuit of excellence for our youth players by providing the highest level of coaching. Our goal is to develop well-rounded players whose academic and playing abilities enable them to achieve their highest potential in soccer. Our programs are designed to assist every player to develop to their highest potential through soccer and as a person.


We develop the PERSON, and then the PLAYER. We act with RESPECTHUMILITY, and INTEGRITY at all times. We are a TEAM that requires the BEST FOR, and BEST FROM one another. We demonstrate a RELENTLESS DRIVE TO MAXIMIZE OUR POTENTIAL. We are UNCOMPROMISING in our pursuit of EXCELLENT. We are more than a soccer club, WE ARE A FAMILY.