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What is an Individual Development Plan (or IDP)?

Our overarching goal is to assist each individual player to reach their soccer potential. In order to do that we must work to assist players in their development on an individual level. We recognize that each player has a unique developmental path and therefore require a specific training program tailored towards their specific developmental needs. The concept behind our Skills Training Program is to provide each player with a unique IDP that is specific designed for that players needs.

What does the program focus on?

The program focuses primarily on technical skill development, especially in the younger (i.e. U9-U14) age groups because in order to reach your soccer potential you must have a strong technical foundation. In order to play at the highest level, players must be able to dribble, turn, pass, receive and shoot with precision and at a high tempo. In the older age groups (U15-U18), the emphasis is still technical skill development, but there is an added fitness component as well.

How much time is required?

The program is simple; all you have to do is commit to working through some very basic skill activities for short periods of time a few times per week. Click on the links below for an example. For instance, if you commit to 15 minutes per week over a 10 week period you will have added 150 minutes of individual skill training to your development. Building your skills gradually on a weekly basis the key to success.  It is easy to get started, simply click on the links below for a copy of your training program. The following training plans have been established as the minimum amount of time that players should be spending on individual skill development outside of practice.


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