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Soccer Fields & Parks

West Des Moines Soccer Club proudly serves over 600 soccer players thus 75+ coaches are biding for soccer fields to schedule practices for their teams.

Raccoon River Soccer Park

Per our use agreement with City of West Des Moines, West Des Moines Soccer Club has contracted the use of Raccoon River Soccer fields for practice, scrimmages and game use. We only have a certain amount of fields for use and we want to allow equal opportunity for each team to practice on our fields therefore WDMSC Board of Directors have implemented the following rules to provide each team has fair use of the fields.

  • Field reservations start after season’s parent’s meeting and end the final week of games
  • Field use should only be reserved for soccer practice if coach needs the field lines (i.e. corner kicks) or goal for shooting
  • Field reservations can be made for 1 (one) hour per week per team and can only be reserved 2 (two) weeks out from the current date
  • Standing field reservations are not permitted (i.e. every Thursday at 5pm)
  • Field reservations can only be made for times on the hour, no half hour increments (ex: 6:00p-7:00p)
  • Online reservations will be monitored and any abuse of this policy may result in loss of all on-line reservation/registration privileges
  • Coaches are responsible for the cleanliness of the fields
  • Coaches are responsible for ensuring that the parents of their players abide by all No Parking signs
  • Official Games scheduled take priority over practice permits

West Des Moines Parks & Schools with Soccer Fields

If Raccoon River soccer field reservations are not available, we’ve compiled a list of parks and schools that have available space that are available for community use and could therefore provide opportunities for soccer training and practices.


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